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Sauteed Bananas with Orange and Sweet Cream

May 9, 2013


In Detroit there is a fantastic El Salvadorian pupuseria that Elias and I would frequent. It was the definition of a dive: potholes in the unpaved parking lot. No decor to speak of. Off the beaten path. We loved it. The best part of it, of course, was the food. One of the items on the menu is fried sweet plantain with sour cream and refried beans. It sounds like a strange combination, but the combination of sweet plantain with salty beans and tangy cream is amazing. I saw this version made with banana and sweetened sour cream and knew I wanted to try it. We snarfed these up in no time. Just posting about them makes me want to make them again! I would like to offer this sometime to guests as a dessert because it’s such a unique offering and it’s very easy to do. The only drawback to serving this for company is the fact that it really must be made to order. It probably goes with out saying, but this recipe is also heavenly made with sweet plantains instead of bananas.


For the bananas 

4 bananas cut in half lenthwise and then crosswise

Juice of one orange

2 T sugar

2 T butter

pinch of sea salt

For the sweet cream 

4 T sour cream

2 T brown sugar

1 t orange zest, finely grated

1/4 t ground cinnamon


Make the Bananas

1. Melt the butter over medium high heat

2. Add the bananas and saute until they begin to caramelize

3.  Add orange juice, salt, and sugar, and continue to cook another minute or two, until the bananas are nicely caramelized and the sugar and orange juice has formed a glaze. If the glaze becomes too thick, add a T of water.

Make the sweet cream:

Mix all the sweet cream ingredients together in a small bowl until smooth and creamy

To serve:

Serve a hot banana with the glaze and a dollop of the cream on the side. Dip the banana in the cream.


Source: Adapted from Ten Dollar Dinners 

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  1. May 9, 2013 2:29 pm

    Looks amazing. I grew up eating fried sweet plantains with a Filipino breakfast. I have got to try this recipe with the sour cream and beans. 😀

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